Winter Hair Blah's - What To Do....

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Does Your Best Friend Complain About
Her Frizz, or Dryness, or Better Yet, An Itchy Scalp?
Like it or not, we live in a four season climate...three if you're counting this year...what ever happened to Fall?

Frigid temps, cool dry winds, and inside forced air heat work together to reek havoc on everyone's locks. No need for anyone to suffer in silence. Embrace your inner Canadiana!!!
If you're familiar with Wella, Sebastian and Nioxin products that help tame your mane during a harsh season such as this, then it's time to reach for what's been tried, tested and true for you. And it's time to quiet a friend's complaints by being the best friend that you always are and consider these product suggestions. This is a good time for us to mention that a consultation with your trusted stylist at Images is a worthwhile check-in, especially with the change of seasons. 

Dryness - best used in the shower, Wella Professional's Oil Reflections shampoo and conditioner with white tea extract defeats dryness, and to help those fly-aways, finish with Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil, best for medium to coarse hair. and Oil Reflections Light for fine to normal hair.

Frizz - an excellent remedy is Sebastian Taming Elixir. It's best to run through towel dryer hair and finish with Sublimate Invisible Cream for a cashmere like finish.
Itchy scalp (flaky) - Nioxin 3 part system will help soothe irritated scalp. Whether for that special friend or for you, a better idea is to have your stylist help with choosing the right system. 

If you haven't before, think of treating yourself with what for many is a must during the winter blah's, an at home treatment. 

Nioxin - Deep Protect Density Mask with densiprotect technology that strengthens the hair against damage and reduces breakage
Wella - Elements, a reconstructing mask that intensively restores hair moisture and helps repair damaged hair from root to tip.
Sebastian - Drench and its magical mask deep moisturizing treatment
Professional Tip #1
When indulging in that 'at home treatment', always apply to towel dried hair. For added benefit, wrap in a towel creating a warm thermal effect which allows the hair to absorb more of the key moisturizing product's benefits!
Professional Tip #2
When towel drying, NEVER rub the hair, as this can create and contribute to damage. Instead gently squeeze the towel to absorb the excess water. 
Look to this space in the weeks and months ahead for a continuing series addressing the challenges we all confront in all sorts of seasons for our best hair ever, along with reviews of products and techniques that may be new to you.
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