The Art of Balayage at Precision Styling

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Balayage: Seamless and Sun-kissed
This once fad, turned trend, turned staple is a must have expertise for any great stylist. With its birth in the 70’s, in Paris, it was known at the time as ‘Balayage a Coton’ due to its use of cotton to help separate the coloured hair from the untreated hair. 
The now shorted French term Balayage means “to sweep” which is clearly visible when watching the application. This technique is a permanent fixture at Images Salon and is continually adjusted and finessed to fit the different seasons and the uniqueness of each client. 
The key to a great Balayage is to make it look seamless, yet sun-kissed and in keeping with the client's face, shape, and best features always in mind. 
At Precision Styling you'll find 'Balayage' talent ever present and executed with pride and exceptional commitment. 
We encourage you to book today for this effortless look. 
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