FAQ - Thick Hair Management Ideas

FAQ - Thick Hair Management Ideas
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What Are My Options and What Can I Do To Manage My Thick Hair?




If you have been blessed with thick hair the good news is that you have endless styling options. But striking a balance between excessive bulk and weightless styles is a fine art. Thick hair does require some maintenance, but with the right choice of haircut, your thick locks will be under control and will offer you an excellent base for versatile breathtaking hairstyles.


Regular washing is the first step to managing thick hair. Frequency of washing hair is a personal preference, but most experts agree that it’s not recommended to wash your hair more often than every other day.


Thick hair works best with layered haircut styles of any length to cut down on bulk. A layered haircut will guarantee you a full range of hairstyle possibilities with harmonious silhouettes and the feel of lively locks around your face. Bangs are also a great compliment to thick hair, especially when they blend gracefully with your layers.


Another thing to keep in mind is if you are planning on dying your hair or achieving a drastic colour change, remember that with thick hair it’s more difficult to achieve the quality result.


Managing thick hair has never been easier with a little maintenance and the help of an expert hair stylist.

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