FAQ - Ombre and Balayage Differences

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FAQ - Ombre and Balayage Differences
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I Don't Understand the Difference Between a Balayage and an Ombre ?

At face value these two hair dying techniques seem very similar. But if we look at balayage as highlighting and ombre as colour blocking the difference becomes more clear.


Balayage is a French word meaning to ‘sweep.’ This technique gives you a more seamless blended and natural looking colour. Paint is literally swept onto your hair, resulting in dark pieces at the bottom of your hair to create dimension and a more natural look.


The word ombre means ‘shadow’ in French, which is fitting because the effect it creates is kind of shadowy. Ombre hair features dark roots at the top that slowly transition completely into a lighter shade towards the ends, so you can see two distinct colours. While a traditional ombre involves dark brown roots that fade into a blonde shade, it can also be done by colouring your roots in a dark shade of practically any colour and fading it into a lighter shade at the ends.


Both balayage and ombre techniques are unique and knowing the difference will help you achieve the style you are seeking.

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